Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Uncharacteristically Optimistic

Lately, I’ve been trying something new as life has thrown me a curve ball. It’s a good, well more than good, practically excellent, curveball and because of that I have had to expand my vocabulary in search of words to describe my elated mood.

This change, however, has been brought about by the simple fact that I am genuinely happy as a whole. Granted there are those trying moments where I would just like to crawl into a ball and hide under the covers all day or where I’m running on four hours of sleep, but these hitches are nothing in comparison to the grand scheme of things.

Every night before I go to bed, I find myself relaxed and at peace no matter how tall the stack of unfinished homework is. And every morning I wake up to find myself in a good mood, looking forward to beginning my day.

This may make me uncharacteristically optimistic considering the heavy pessimism that looms over my head every day. But I find myself distracted from everything bad. I find myself looking forward to leaving the darkness behind. I am more trusting, more relaxed, more confident that this grand scheme can only be better.


It is elementary, my dear Watson. It’s because Art and Literature go hand in hand. ;)


  1. I affirm this blog post! I like the more-like-Tigger side than the Eeyore-side. ;-) I'll not publicly comment on why I think the mood is shifted - I'll save that for private so I can watch you blush!

  2. LOL! Understood and I like it!

  3. Your Smile Says it all!